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A no-drive day

June 13th, 2008 at 08:13 am

Since I spent most of yesterday being Cinderella with ratty clothes and a broom, I ended up with a no-drive day. The Midget and I did ride our bikes to the nearby McDonald's for lunch, though, so it wasn't a no-spend day as well.

The Midget still requires training wheels on her own personal bike, but she is very comfortable on the tagalong bike so I pulled her up the hill and around the golf course yesterday on it. Trying to control my bike and the tagalong was treacherous. I'm sure the neighbors thought at least one of us was under the influence as we swerved all over the road.

I figure a few more tagalong outings with me leading the way will inspire the Midget to ditch the training wheels on her big-girl bike....

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