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$*(#(@) Delta Dental Insurance

April 15th, 2008 at 09:17 pm

Here's a conversation I just got done having with a Delta Dental lackey (seriously):

Me: Can you tell me why Delta won't pay for an emergency exam I had last month for a tooth infection?

Delta Lackey: Because we only pay for two exams a year.

Me: Yes, but this wasn't a regular exam. This was an emergency exam. I woke up and my tooth was throbbing and my face was swollen up like the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Lady.

Delta Lackey: But under your plan, we only cover two exams a year.

Me: So, how was my dentist supposed to diagnose me if he couldn't examine me?

Delta Lackey: I'm not sure.

Me: So what you're telling me is the next time I have a toothache if I've already had my two regular cleanings for the year I will need to wait until the next year to get the toothache examined if I want Delta to kick in its share of the bill?

Delta Lackey: Yes or pay out of pocket for the exam portion of the emergency.

Me: Doesn't this seem a little bit absurd to you since I'm already paying you all my money for dental insurance to begin with?

Delta Lackey: Yes, I see what you're saying.....

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