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Me and Frida

April 3rd, 2008 at 07:46 pm

After swinging by the gas station ($48) and hitting Starbucks for my venti black iced tea sweetened ($2) this morning, I drove way out south for my meeting, which was actually a training session that covered stuff I didn't really want to learn. (Too much information for a job I'm quitting in a month anyways....)

Then I stopped in at a spa/salon to get an eyebrow wax. I rarely splurge on such things, but I noticed yesterday while dressing for my fancy schmancy dinner that my "eyebrows" were becoming an "eyebrow." Yes, unibrow was threatening to show itself, which might be OK if you're Frida Kahlo but not if you're me. So I thought the $36 (with tip) was money well spent.

After that painful experience (try it sometime guys....), I had every intention of getting my running shoes, but first felt the need to eat lunch so I stopped for a fish taco ($7). As I was sitting there chowing down, it occurred to me that I still felt like poo so I came home instead of driving across town to the running store.

All in all, still a spendy day....

2 Responses to “Me and Frida”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    Yea, you've definitely got to watch those unibrows! Luckily, my eyebrows are light enough that you can't really tell when I've skipped a few weeks of tweezing. I used to try and get a wax every other month, but since I can no longer go to the same beautician, I don't want to pay anyone else. Smile
    BTW... never had a fish taco, are they pretty tasty?

  2. compulsive debtor Says:

    They are yummy, Silly. (Ha! I like that....) The best fish tacos I've ever had were at the end of the pier in Imperial Bay, CA at a place called The Tin Fish. Today's weren't that good but definitely passable. (Rubio's)

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