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A surprising no-spend day yesterday

April 3rd, 2008 at 02:01 pm

I picked my husband up on the way to the fancy schmancy dinner (which was lovely by the way) and he ended up paying for parking, so I technically had a no-spend day yesterday.

Today, though, I have to drive to another town for a meeting and I need gas in the car so a no spender isn't going to happen. I also need Starbucks, which I haven't had forever, so I'm treating myself in hopes that I'll survive sitting through a work-related meeting that I'm dreading.

Depending on my energy level after enduring the meeting, I might stop and get new running shoes with some birthday money I've been hording. So I'm not even anticipating a "low-spend" day.

1 Responses to “A surprising no-spend day yesterday”

  1. cheshirecat Says:

    If I get a vote between no spend day or an increase your health day by buying new running shoes......I vote for the increase your health day.Smile

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