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March 11th, 2008 at 02:57 pm

I worked this morning at the booming side business, then swam a mile despite my low-grade cold and ran a couple errands. I am now barely able to stand upright and still need to pick up Mini Me in 7 minutes at the bus stop, then take her to karate, and pick up Beauty and Beast at the groomer's, come home to cook dinner and then work some more on the booming side business.

I really hope there's a check or something in the mail to give me a little boost....

2 Responses to “Dragging.....”

  1. Aleta Says:

    Sounds like you had a very busy day. Enjoy your evening. That's a good sign if your business is booming. Good for you!

  2. lost in debt Says:

    You need to slow down and take care of that cold; you can't afford to get sick. I've had not choice this week, I had to slow down; got that terrible cold and have been sick since Sunday. I've got my laptops in bed with me and am still able to deal with clients. That is what I love about working at home.

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