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Scored a deal and didn't even know it

March 4th, 2008 at 09:54 am

I got a catalog-like thing from REI yesterday in the mail. I started to throw it away and then decided I would flip through it to see what summer outfits might be in it since I need some things for my beach vacation in May. I tossed it on the stack of stuff to be read on my nightstand and finally got around to going through it in the middle of the night. Good thing I didn't toss it. Inside I found my dividend check for REI members.

The check was for $41, plus there was a 20 percent off coupon for members. I'm hanging on to both and next month I'm going shopping for some shorts and t-shirts. My birthday is coming up and I will inevitably get a check from my mother (who doesn't believe in shopping for gifts). My plan is to use the check and the dividend check and the coupon to score some deals.

2 Responses to “Scored a deal and didn't even know it”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    One thing i like about REI, even if you misplace the check you can just tell them at teh register you want to use it.

  2. compulsive debtor Says:

    Ohhh.... I didn't know that.

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