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February 27th, 2008 at 08:43 pm

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Kim was right! Dieting and budgeting are a lot alike. I'm sitting here counting out nuts so I don't go over in the calorie department like I'm counting pennies....

Speaking of calories, yesterday was a total bust on that front thanks to an impromptu Chinese dinner out. (NOTE TO SELF: Must STOP impromptu dinners out!) But today is looking better.

I have been working out like a mad woman when I'm not working on making money. I used to work out religiously 6 days a week, but haven't been as good about it the last two years due to some health issues and plain ol' laziness. The last week has been a good reminder of how much I enjoy it.

On to other things...

Today would have been a no spend day if not for Mini Me having an evaluation with the eye doctor. That set us back $101, which is in addition to the $97 a week we pay out of pocket for actual vision therapy. Personally, I'm ready for a little "check book therapy," so I'll be glad to see vision therapy come to an end sometime in the next three months.

The plan is to temporarily put the bulk of the vision therapy money toward the new car fund. I say "temporarily" because Mini Me is one costly kid. She's got some serious learning differences that we're still working on getting diagnosed, so we're always paying for something related to that. Right now it's vision therapy and OT. This summer it'll be a private tutor, who thankfully isn't as expensive as the vision therapist. God only knows what it'll be in the fall.

3 Responses to “1, 2, 3, 4....”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Those therapist are expensive, but sooo worth their weight in gold!

  2. Nancy Says:

    I am not sure what your child's situation is, but mine's vision problem was actually helped by getting glasses that had a prism in one of the lens (convergence problem) and she outgrew the problem by age 13. (Started in first grade.) Does your school district provide any extra therapy? Here, where I live, even private school students can utilize the speech therapy programs, for example, offered at the public schools. Hope the therapy has helped!

  3. compulsive debtor Says:

    The school district's services are stretched too thin, so we've found it best to pay out of pocket for what she needs.

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