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A picture's worth not a whole lot....

January 30th, 2008 at 08:07 am

A month ago I took Mini Me to a photo studio to have her portrait taken. Last week, the photographer left a message saying the management would like to use some of the portraits in the studio's marketing material. In return, we would get two free pictures -- worth all of $32.

Since I hadn't ordered any photos yet, I figured it was a ploy to get me to actually buy some photos. I'll admit that Mini Me is the most gorgeous child I've ever met (of course, I'm biased). However, the timing of the whole thing is just too suspect.

Nonetheless, I was planning on buying some photos at the end of the month anyways, so the time has come to go sign the photo release and fork over some more cash for the additional pictures. The two free photos will go to the grandmas and my out-of-pocket expense adds up to $75 -- not too bad for a sucker....

2 Responses to “A picture's worth not a whole lot....”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Glad they asked your permission to use the photo.

    Story time: In working in a women's shelter, I met a a woman who came from far away. Months previously, she had left her home to get away from her horribly abusive and now stalking ex-spouse. She moved to another town not far away, taking their child with her. She was settled into her new home and had taken her kid to the photo studio in a XMart. A few weeks after that when went into the XMart and saw her kid's photo used without permission on a poster on an easel where all customers enter and leave the store. It turned out the company with the concession to run the photo studios in all of XMart's regional stores was using this poster with the little girl's photo. That alerted the ex-husband that she was still in the general area. He started harassing her old friends until someone let him know what town she'd moved to. He pursued her there and she had to leave again under even more pressured circumstances than when she had first moved. And this time she went far away and told no one, not even family where she was headed.

  2. compulsive debtor Says:

    Thank god I didn't go to XMart for my photos...

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