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A quasi no-spend day

February 12th, 2008 at 03:21 pm

I've been home with a sick kid all day, so I put my husband in charge of dropping Beauty -- of Beauty and the Beast fame -- off at the doggie spa and picking her up. Thus, a no-spend day for me personally....

I did get some business-related work done today, but for the most part Mini Me and I spent the day lying in bed and watching Underdog and Peter Pan. We also got her Valentine's Day cards done. The poor kid has missed every Valentine's Day party for the last three years because of nasty colds, so I'm determined to get her healthy by Thursday so she can get back to school.

I do have to stop in at the "office" job later today, so now I'm just waiting for my husband to come home to do the big hand off of responsibility.

1 Responses to “A quasi no-spend day”

  1. JanH Says:

    Poor little thing! My brother used to be sick every Christmas. Even the doctor said we needed to stop that tradition. Hope she feels better by Thursday!

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