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I am celebrating and staying within my budget!

February 8th, 2008 at 01:48 pm

The earlier posting on this topic must have been aimed at me. Tonight my husband and I are going out to celebrate our anniversary at a fancy schmancy restaurant.

Now before you start flinging mud at me for not staying at home to eat Ramen noodles (which I love, by the way), let me say that my husband and I have already saved up a wad of cash for this outing and the little pink envelope is ready to go. We both are serious foodies, who have cut back on the fine dining drastically over the last few years of economic stupidity.

However, since we have survived 13 years together, we feel like we can afford to take this one evening to blow some bucks on something that we both enjoy.

Yes, I could probably stay home and make something just as delicious in my own kitchen, but there's something to be said for having someone else do the cooking and cleaning (plus we did the stay-at-home thing the last two anniversaries....)

8 Responses to “I am celebrating and staying within my budget!”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Congrats!! We went out to Ruth's Chris last week for our 2 year anniversary and I told myself that there will be no cringing involved when it comes to money. For once I wanted to relax, enjoy my SO, and spoil ourselves-- cause sometimes you just need that! We may be people in debt, but we are still people.

  2. clubneary Says:

    Congrats! Hope you enjoy your evening Smile

  3. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Hey, I see nothing wrong with planning a special celebration now and then! As long as you don't blow the budget for it, it's all good! Have a great time. Smile

  4. tom kubik Says:

    i so happy for you its a a great feeling you need to enjoy your self every once in a while

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    Congratulations and enjoy without guilt! I too am a fine-food lover who hardly ever eats out anymore. I've got $200 socked away that I gradually saved up for going to our favorite sushi restaurant on Valentine's Day. I'm going to take some of my own spending money so we can go over that if we want. I don't feel guilty because a year ago, I would have put five times that much per MONTH on credit cards just by eating out, and now I only go if I can pay for it out of surplus cash, period. I'll never put a luxury item like a restaurant meal on credit ever again, but that doesn't mean I won't ever eat at a fancy restaurant again!

  6. JanH Says:

    Congrats and enjoy your dinner!

  7. Ima saver Says:

    Happy anniversary!

  8. Amber Says:

    Congrats... Smile

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