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No spend day

February 6th, 2008 at 10:53 am

While my blog was going to the dogs, I forgot to mention that I had a no spend day yesterday. Of course, it helped that it never got above 10 degrees and the sun didn't shine so I didn't feel like leaving the house.

Today's a different story, though. I spent $68.70 on dry cleaning (paid with cash) and I splurged on lunch on the way back ($6 also paid for with cash). Later today, I have to do a drive-by visit to one of the "offices" I sometimes hang out at so I can cash in on their retirement benefits. The main "office" job (not the "home office" job, which is entirely different) is very formal and I have to dress "professionally" when I go there. It's kind of like going to someone's very formal dinner party -- without the food and drinks. The office I'm going to today is much less formal (think kegger in the back of the trailer park) and I can wear jeans, which I'm opting to do today. However, I had to get the rest of the outfit out of the dry cleaners (plus my husband's suits) -- thus the pricey day.

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