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I lied....

February 5th, 2008 at 06:40 am

The $82 I spent on "medicine" yesterday after going to the doctor for the rash on my eyelids included $50 in jumbo size containers of Cetaphil facial wash and moisturizer.

According to the dermatologist who diagnosed the severe eczema on my eyelids, Cetaphil is the best way to combat the severe dry skin that people experience in this climate. The other $32 was for cortisone cream to combat the eczema when it flares up and Aquaphor healing ointment, which is suppose to clear up the scaly lizard look I’ve been sporting the last two weeks.

I don’t feel bad about spending that much on the non-prescription stuff because a few months ago I got sucked into buying a bunch of overpriced facial stuff from a woman whose son goes to school with Mini Me. The woman, who we shall call Julie, is the pit bull of Arbonne sales ladies. After months of saying I wasn’t interested, she hounded me until I finally gave up and bought a bunch of her lotions and potions at a supposed drastic discount.

But, even after her drastic discount, I paid tons more on the Arbonne gunk than I did on the truckload of Cetaphil I brought home today.

Plus, the Arbonne packaging drove me nuts – there was a lot of packaging and very little product, and the pump thingy kept flying off a couple of the bottles. I also had an issue with the scent of the stuff since anything smelly tends to give me a headache and this stuff spelled like a Florida citrus orchard.

The dermatologist thinks the Arbonne stuff probably contributed to the sudden appearance of eczema on my eyelids and told me to go the simplest facial care route possible to avoid having more problems – thus the bulk purchase of Cetaphil products yesterday.

Here’s hoping the lizard look goes away real soon….

4 Responses to “I lied....”

  1. miclason Says:

    well, at least, next time the Arbonne lady tries to sell you something you can tell her: Oh, no, Deary, it seems my skin is overly sensitive and last time I ended up at the Doctor and HE said not to buy those products anymore...

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Please don't call her Julie, that is my name!!

  3. compulsive debtor Says:

    OK, we'll call her Fido then. (Her name really is Julie, BTW....)

  4. debtfreeme Says:

    i also know an arbonne sales person. i hated ther products and i truied a lot of them.

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