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I want, I want, I want.....

August 13th, 2007 at 07:52 pm

I'm tempted to splurge and buy an iPod Shuffle for running. (I'm tired of hauling around a brick on my hip in the form of my regular iPod while running.)

I can afford it, but it's not exactly in this month's spending plan. Thus, I'm hoping for a windfall to show up. Nothing big. $85 should about cover it. ...

7 Responses to “I want, I want, I want.....”

  1. Amber Says:

    If you can hold off I would. Last week I bought an MP3 player that I could afford but wasn't in this month budget so I took it back. You know you can get an mp3 that has an FM radio less than the Ipod and may even hold just as many if not more songs, I don't think the iPods have FM radio (not sure). With the Ipod you are paying for the name that is what most of the kids around my neighborhood told me as well as the guy at the store. Those mp3 players also hook up to your car and they have docking stations like the iPod. I found them to be less expensive
    good luck

    Also notice you said "I want I want" but not need

  2. Kitty Says:

    I received one as a gift and it is fabulous. Lightweight, tiny, amazing sound quality and just so fun! I wouldn't have bought it for myself but someone did, and if you are active, you won't even know it's on you. Plus it's easy to hide in a pocket for security reasons. Very good design for sporty people. Any chance you could hit a sale or coupon?

  3. pjmama Says:

    I bought a shuffle for the same reason, and love it. Actually, I love iTunes in general, and the shuffles are ridiculously priced. You could even look into buying one on eBay. They usually go for a little cheaper. I've never seen an mp3 player I like more. It's really small, so it's perfect for working out. I just sweat so much the earbuds dont usually stay in well. I'm looking into buying different headphones, but the earbuds are nice otherwise.

  4. baselle Says:

    Sometimes you can get a nano or a shuffle by doing something like opening a savings account.

  5. shiela Says:

    We got two for free too (1 is the normal ipod shuffle the other 1 is the mini the one you just clip on to your clothes), they are great but sometimes I do prefer my MP3 player because I like listening to the radio. Plus my MP3 got a USB which I use to save files.

  6. frugalhousewife Says:

    I have to say that I love my shuffle. I had a generic MP3 and just did not like it. Check out the refurbished ipods on Apple's website. I purchased four last fall. Three were gifts and one was for me. They come with a one year warranty, but none of the four have had any problems. They are all thoroughly tested before being sold. This is not the case for new ones. Plus if you get a new one that does not work, you are sent a refurbished one in its place. I did get the older model 512mb for $29, but last I looked they had the new 1G models for $49. I definitely recommend refurbished over new.

  7. mbkonef Says:

    Not making a recommendation one way or another but if you are dead set on an i-pod or nano, check out the Apple web site. They sell refurbished ones with a full year warranty for less than the purchase price of new.

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