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I can't believe I just paid $12 for a locker....

June 18th, 2007 at 05:07 pm

I took my daughter to the amusement/water park today. We have season passes, but they don't cover parking or lockers or food. Just admission. So we shelled out $12 for parking (it would have been $15 but I had a coupon). Then we hauled our stuff into the water park area and threw most of it in a locker for the day at the outrageous price of $12. Yes, $12!

We hadn't been to the water park side of the place before and I didn't feel comfortable leaving stuff lying out while we were in the water, so I shelled out the bucks. But next time I think I'll just save myself some money and leave everything but towels and sunscreen in the car until we're ready to move on to the amusement park side.

In the end, it was not a cheap day. I also spent $30 for lunch in the park because they don't let you bring food into the park. I also spent $30 on boarder shorts and a swim shirt for my daughter because she was cold and hadn't brought anything warm to wear after the water park. (Completely my fault for letting her pick her attire and forgetting that it's usually a good 10 degrees colder downtown where the park is located.)

I don't feel that bad about the clothes, though, since my daughter can use them. But the amusement park food was atrocious. It really ticks me off that they won't let you bring food into the place. All the other amusement/water parks that we go to allow picnics, but this one does not. We usually skirt the issue by eating before we go, but today we were there at opening and stayed until late afternoon, so had no choice but to eat there unless we wanted to picnic in the asphalt parking lot... Eghghhghg!!! It's just makes me mad thinking about it.

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