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Change, the Easter Bunny and Why are You Throwing that Away?

April 6th, 2007 at 09:36 am

The one bad thing about depositing all my change at the bank: NO pennies for poker tonight. Fortunately, though, between my husband, Mini Me and the coin cup in the car I've come up with $3 to join the ladies for poker tonight. All is not lost (although the $3 probably will be before the night is over...)

In the "sometimes I amaze myself" category: I was determined not to overindulge Mini Me for Easter this year. I budgeted $20 on the Easter basket (not including eggs and a bit of chocolate, which came out of the grocery fund). I managed to load up on a bunch of little do-dads for her (lip gloss, watercolor paint, a 99 cent kite, etc.) and MADE a beautiful Easter basket. Yes, MADE!!!

OK, maybe not "MADE" as in "weaved," but I took a white florist basket I was going to toss in the Goodwill bin, two ribbons salvaged from gifts that someone had given us and some glue that's been taking up shelf space in the garage; stuck them all together; and just like that have a beautiful Easter basket that didn't cost me a dime!

Speaking of tossing stuff, as I took Mini Me to school today (they don't let 6 year olds drive yet in my town), I noticed a number of everyday household items sitting out by the curb awaiting the trash man. On my street alone, I could have picked up:

1. A lawn chair
2. A patio table
3. A garden hose
4. A shovel
5. A barbecue grill

Basically the beginnings of a complete outdoor patio set and garden supplies.

Yes, as my husband will tell you, I'm guilty of throwing away my share of perfectly good stuff too (i.e.: his entire wardrobe from our pre-dating days). However, I'm beginning to see the light -- and the landfill issues.

Recycle this stuff, folks! Give it away, sell it, turn it into decorative lawn ornaments. Just don't toss it in the landfill to go to waste!

4 Responses to “Change, the Easter Bunny and Why are You Throwing that Away?”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Good work on the basket! Amazing how much stuff we throw away without thinking about it, when it could easily be re-used. When I see good stuff set out with the trash (and it's nothing I can use) I always hope the garbage men find a better place for it than the landfill.

  2. JanH Says:

    Our stuff rarely makes it to the garbage landfill. Our neighborhood has a pickup schedule on the second and fourth weeks of the month for large items. People know these schedules for all the neighborhoods and if we put things out on our weeks, we have people in trucks perusing the streets for stuff. Most things you put out are gone before the morning is out and before the garbage trucks come by our house. Makes me feel good that someone can use the stuff I don't need and the garbage is greatly diminished!
    Great job on your Easter stuff!

  3. nance Says:

    I passed up two perfectly good wicker chairs, out by a trash can, a couple weeks ago, because I couldn't fit them in my car. If I had been driving my old jeep, they would have been mine. With a couple coats of white spray paint, they would have looked great on my porch. Hope they didn't end up at the land fill!

  4. yummy64 Says:

    Can you post a picture of the basket? It sounds so pretty!

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